Are you looking for a way to get more bookings for your vacation rental property?

Professional Photography could be your answer!

Beautiful AIRBNB rental property located in the shuswap

Travellers have nothing to go on but photos when shopping for their home away from home. Make sure that those photos are crisp, clear and inviting so that the stand out above the thousands of other listings around the Kelowna area that they have to choose from! Photos are arguably the most important part of your listing because the majority of renters will skim through the photos first and if they like what they see THEN they will review the information you have made available about the space.

Another reason that professional photography matters when you list your vacation property is because it is a reflection of the care and attention that you place on your rental. When people see that you took the time and the funds to invest in professional photos, they are reassured of the quality of your property. It also gives your rental a more luxurious feel to it because you have went this extra mile. You can be sure that will increase your bookings and in turn make you more money.

I can make sure all the tough aspects of photographing your property like lighting and shadows are taken care of properly. Proper lighting is probably the most important measure you can take to ensure that you showcase the true look and feel of your home. I will photograph your Okanagan Vacation Rental using multiple flash shots and blend them seamlessly while keeping an ambient feel to ensure that your space looks spectacular.

I offer interior, exterior and twilight photography that will ensure that your photos stand out.

And as with all my photography, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Review my guarantee page to see how I can ensure your please with my work.

CONTACT ME to go over what we can do to get your vacation rental property get the attention it needs to be busy year round!