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Are you looking for a Real Estate photographer in Kelowna, BC or surrounding area?

Well...The quality of the photographs you aquire will either increase your sales or they will turn people away.


Some Real Estate businesses try to justify not spending much on the photos because they don't think it's worth it.


The problem with this is that those lower quality photos are turning away potential buyers everyday they are online. If those photos are not fantastic, if they don't make potential clients say, 'Wow, we have to see that house!' or ‘We definitely need to list our home with that agent!’, then those photos are not working as they should.

Why does image quality matter in real estate sales, and how does that affect the number of sales a real estate agent makes? Let’s take a look …

As an Okanagan Real Estate Agent you don’t need more photos.

Rather, what you need are more people to notice your listing. You need to bring in more clients so that you add more revenue to your bottom line and present the right look for your company.

The photos you use should be helping you do that in the following ways:

  1. Build your brand.

Great photography is important to build your brand because it gives buyers something to recognize you by. This way when they see photos that draw them in and see you are the agent it increases your value to them.

  1. Bring more Clients.

When sellers are listing their homes they take time to choose the right Realtor and they are more likely to choose one that will ensure that they have the highest quality photos so that their homes will look amazing on MLS and elsewhere.

When buyers are reviewing home they are more attracted to homes that look bright and inviting.

  1. Match your position.

If you want to be seen as a leading Realtor in the busy Okanagan market then you need photos that match your pricing and your brand.

Meeting about a listing photoshoot in Kelowna, BC
Green door and window - New paint makes real estate more appealing

Does the quality of photography really matter when promoting your Real Estate?

A recent article from Forbes magazine describes the situation we now face:

"Consumers expect a first class visual experience when they shop or browse online, and they are rewarding companies that give them what they want. The numbers tell the tale:

- 67% of consumers say that an image is “very important” when selecting a product.

- More than 50% of consumers think a high-quality photo of a product is more important than product information, long description, or rating and reviews."

In a 2018 survey of real estate buyers and sellers, the National Association of Realtors found that that 89% of buyers who used the Internet when searching found photos of a home for sale to be very useful, and that’s higher than detailed information about the property (84%) and real estate agent contact info (42%).


These statistics suggest  that the photos you use should be at the top of the most important things you add on your company website.

An article at said:

“Consumers who browse products on websites want to see the products they’re considering for purchase represented by the highest quality image possible." 

They also quoted Sheila Dahlgren, senior vice president of marketing at Scene7, who said:

“People do not buy what they cannot see, so the higher the quality and resolution of your imagery, the better your results will be.” 

That's an important consideration when you're a Realtor. You aren't selling products in a store that people can pick up and hold before buying. Rather consumers will often decide whether or not to work with you based on what you show on your website.


That's why photos matter.

Stunning twilight shot of west kelowna home

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