Kelowna market getting you down? Try Feng Shui to help get your home sold!

Sand garden and coffee cup with lilies to create a relaxing atmosphere

Selling in the Okanagan right now can be a little tricky so maybe if you are a believer in what good energy can potentially bring to your life, you may considering taking a look at your homes ‘chi’. This ancient Chinese belief called ‘Feng Shui’ states that the arrangement and orientation of items in your home will either create a favourable or an unfavourable effect on your life and the feeling you have within your home. Is there a chance that creating this positive chi will help attract buyers? It might be worth a shot, I mean, these beliefs date as far back as 3500 years ago so there’s got to be some validity to them 😉

Before professional photos are taken it’s a good idea to ensure that your place is in tip top shape. Feng Shui concepts can increase the feeling of joy and harmony that will draw in prospective buyers and keep them feeling great during the viewing. The goal is to create a flow of energy and keep the positive good energy and block the bad. I would think that people viewing homes would pick up on this good energy and potentially see a life of good fortune ahead of them in your home.

Here are some ideas that will get the energy moving in the right direction to impress buyers:

First impressions stick and in feng shui fashion it is important to keep your first impression clean and inviting by ridding of any clutter so that the good energy can flow right into your home. Red attracts good fortune and luck, so if you are looking to sell your home quick and easy, a red door could be very helpful! If a red door is too much for your taste, try a nice simple red planter with some inviting greenery in it. 

Red door on a grey and White House because red in the entry way is good Feng shui

Once in the front door it is important to continue on without clutter. Entrance ways are where everyone takes off their shoes and jackets which can look messy and restrict the flow of energy. Be sure to keep all this outerwear in the closet and out of the entrance way.  It is also believed that the entrance to your home is a good place to hang portraits and paintings because the beauty will lift moods and spirits of those that are entering your home. 

After entering the home, most people tend to gravitate toward the living room. According to feng shui it is important to keep the flow of energy going into this room and one way to do that is to have your couch against a wall. Any large seating furniture in the middle of the room will restrict the flow of energy and mess with your feng shui. In todays North American culture the TV is usually a main focal point in most living rooms, but in this ancient Chinese belief, they should be covered or hidden in a cabinet because TVs are reflective like mirrors. Mirrors are said to reflect energy and if placed in an incorrect location they will reflect the energy that you want flowing into your home, right back out.

Bringing the outdoors inside is a great way to create a sense of calm, reduce anxiety and bring forward a general feeling of pleasure. Certainly buying a new home is one that cultivates a certain amount of anxiety so consider some plants such as bamboo, rocks to add texture and incorporate wood where you can . This help the buyers feel at ease and comfortable as they view your home.

stones and leaves. bring nature indoors

The bedroom is an important room when considering feng shui due to the amount of time that you spend in your bed sleeping. Its better to have a bed constructed from natural materials such as wood. If you share your bed with your significant other, make sure that you each have a matching night stand on either side of the bed so that you can nurture positive energy in your relationship. 

I bet that you didn’t think that you were flushing your chances of selling your home by literally flushing your toilet? Well, according to feng shui, good energies are flushed down with the water in your bathroom. So keep your toilet lid closed and bathroom doors shut to decrease the chances of this unwanted effect. Think of creating a spa like feel to your bathroom and ensure to hide your personal belongings. 

Kitchens also tend to accumulate clutter and if there’s one thing that we have learned about feng shui is that clutter is bad and clutter inhibits energy flow. So with that in mind, make sure to put your countertop appliances in the cupboard if possible and keep those energy pathways clear.  We all love your children’s art work but if your looking to keep your house full of this positive chi and attract buyers, you might want to consider putting the little Picassos paintings somewhere other than the fridge. We also want to keep the large appliances neat and tidy, inside and out. And that leaky faucet? Well, its not just draining your literal wallet, its actually draining your positive financial chi!

Windows represent how we see the world, so we want to make sure that we can see that world as clearly as possible. Clean windows are important in doing this. Make sure that you keep clutter away not just for feng shui philosophy, but also so that you can enjoy our beautiful Okanagan views!  

simple mid century design to create positive chi

So there you have it, some simple ways that you might be able to introduce some positive chi to help your home sell in these snowy BC winter months. Give it a shot and you never know, you might just see some positive changes in your health, wealth and happiness in the mean time. 

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