Top Things to do Around Kelowna in the Warmer Months!

With this weather warming up (well sorta warming up anyways) I know I am not alone when I say its been making me dream of summer days and all the fun that is to be had around Kelowna. For those of you that are not from our spectacular Okanagan Valley, you probably know of a at least  a few fun things that we have to offer but as I was day dreaming of sun filled days I deced to put together a small list of some of my favorite.

Now this is just a taste of all that there is to do around here in the summer… if I had to list everything this would have to be a book, which if you want a book of activites, Kelowna generates one every year and you can grab one from our new tourist information center that is located right on the water down by the downtown marina. Don’t get me wrong, winters are great here too and also have a lot to offer, but nothing beats a Kelowna summer! I CANT WAIT!

Kelowna Wine Tours

Wine Tours

Lets face it! This is the BEST thing to do in the Okanagan. There are so many options to enjoy what our beautiful valley has to offer with regards to wine. You can visit the ones that catch your eye on your own and indulge in a tasting or two. These four are definitely a few of my personal favourites.

Quails Gate

Mission Hill Winery 

Summerhill Pyramid Winery 

The Hatch Wines


But if you want to try what multiple wineries have to offer, you can always skip the responsibility of driving and hire one of the fantastic wine tour companies around Kelowna. A couple of the big names are 

Uncorked – Okanagan Wine Tours 

Wicked Wine Tours 

Apres Tours

Vines and Views Wine Tours 


These bus tours can get out of hand (the good kind of ‘out of hand’ of course) and are perfect for special occasions. Bachelorette Parties are probably the most popular but also great for birthday, family reunions, couples getaways, girls/boys weekends and really any other excuse you can find to get chauffeured around and taste world renowned wine all day. You can book a half day or a full day. Some include lunch and some take you throughout the Okanagan Valley. So all you have to do is decide how many of our unreal wineries you want to hit, and which direction you want to go. But, Make sure that you book in advance because these tours book up fast!

Kelowna wine tours

Okanagan Lake 

So many activities! Where do you even start?

If you have a boat, you probably won’t do anything else on this list because once you are out on the water in the sin, its hard come back in. So boating is always an option. There are multiple places you can rent a boat or even a sea-doo to get out on the lake. Take a day trip down to Rattlesnake island and stop in Peachland for lunch while youre down there, Just watch out for Ogopogo! Rumor has it that’s where he likes to rest his head. 

If that’s a bit too extreme for your liking, you could always rent a paddle board and cruise the shores, or even participate in a paddle board yoga class (LOL good luck)! Or if you have kids with you on your Okanagan Vacation, there is the blow up waterpark downtown off City Park that can keep the little ones bouncing with excitement. 

There are plenty of fantastic beaches if you more comfortable on land. The beaches around Kelowna offer a little bit of everything for all the people in the family. Most have a playground for the kids, sand and sun for the mom that just wants to relax, beach volley ball nets for the athletic family members, nearby food and confectionaries for probably dad and swimming areas for when that hot Okanagan sun just gets to be too much. Some of the more popular beaches like I just explained are City Park, Waterfront Park and Gyro Beach. 

If these busy type spots are not your thing, there are numerous smaller beaches all along the shoreline. These small little inlets off the street are perfect for relaxing without all the commotion of other tourist… but you’re going to have to find those on your own because us locals enjoy them quite a bit too 😉

Gyro Beach Kelowna


Knox Mountain is probably the most popular hiking a spot around Kelowna and it just happens to be right in the core of the city. There are trails for all levels of hiking ability, gorgeous view and even access to a small beach.

View from Knox Mountain

Glen Canyon Regional Park is a great option if you are on the Westside. Plenty of trails, stairs, a rambling creek and small waterfalls will make your adventure through the park one for the books. 

Crawford Falls Kelowna

Crawford Falls is in east Kelowna and it follows a creek along to a refreshing waterfall. There are many rocks and fallen trees to climb on and rugged but relatively flat trails along the edge of the creek. There are plenty of trees for shade so this makes it a great hiking trail for those blazing hot summer days.

I put Myra Canyon on the list even though personally I have never been there and I am not sure why! It looks like really amzing. There are biking trails with tunnels and bridges! You would think that anyone that lives here would frequent this place often. Im going to need to get my act together and get there this summer. 

As TripHobo Says:

“It is a lovely camping experience in a park, added with a pinch of thrill. You can challenge yourself with exploring, climbing, swinging, dangling, balancing, hiking, and other constructive challenges. There are also guides who provide safety training.”

Kasugai Gardens

Built in 1987, these gardens are the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of downtown and step into a moment of tranquility and relaxation. Conveniently located in the heart of Kelowna, you will find a circuit of walking pathing interlaced with Koi fish ponds complete with waterfall, pine trees and even stone lanterns. Its our little hidden gem of downtown and definitelty worth a stroll. 

Mini Golf, Go Carts and Games

Scandia is bound to keep your kids excited from start to finish. There not only two different courses for mini-golf, an indoor and an outdoor, but there is go-cart racing, batting cages, a huge arcade and a wide variety of food that will please the whole family. I know that when I bring my friends and family here everyone has a good time and always leaves with a smile and the desire for a nap (winning!).

Scandia kelowna for mini golf and games

That is a just a start to all the fun that you can have in and around Kelowna. Writing this just got me pretty excited for the warmer weather and enjoying all these actives with my friends and family.

Now hurry up Summer!! 

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